Saturday, January 13, 2018

Advertising: Subliminal or Stupid?

Symbols carry meanings and we read words and images as much with the back of the mind as the front. Often, I think well of the hard thinking adverstising creatives who apparently perceive so easily  at several levels. Sometimes, though, I gotta wonder...
Famous red-haired girl. Her necklace can be read as MOM.

The corporate logo for Wendy's has the iconic red-haired girl. Originally, she was dressed like a girl from the 1890s to 1920s with a high-collared blue and white striped blouse. In some recent decade, that was reduced to a head and her collar only. The collar seems to read MOM. I believe that this was a purposeful, planfully competent intent. The word might not carry completely in all languages, but it works well in American English.

On the other hand, I saw this from STYLEWE as a pop-up ad on a website last night and the word that jumped out at me was EWE, a female sheep.
Models in fashionable dresses and combinations. Logo has the word EWE in it.
I believe that the designers intended STYLE - WE as in "We like your style" or "We are in style." To me, she is "still a ewe" and the fact that these dollies have no heads, therefore no faces or personalities, only reinforces that. Maybe it's just me...

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  1. I suspect StyleWe is their brand name. It's supposed to mean "our style", but they use the subject pronoun instead of the possessive pronoun. It's hard to protect the trademark Our Style because that is a valid phrase relevant to what they're selling. I suspect they omitted the heads so it's easier for buyers to imagine themselves in the outfits.

    I wonder about the Wendy's one. I'd love to hear from someone in the graphic design world if they get requests for subliminal messages or if they artists are just artistic people that like putting hidden messages in their art.


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