Saturday, December 27, 2014

Love Actually Quote-Along

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema "Ritz"downtown Austin hosted a screening of Love Actually for Christmas night.  In the grand tradition of Rocky Horror Picture Show the theater provided props for us.  We fanned ourselves with faces of three of the males leads: Billy Mack, Jamie, and David.  Also, the best lines were put up on the screen and turned to red as they were spoken. ("Try to do it in the voice of the character." Colin Frissel leaving at the airport was the winner there.)  Lyrics to songs also flashed by and we sang "All You Need is Love" and "Christmas is All Around Me." The Alamo gave everyone pennywhistle recorders to play for the wedding.
We fired off party poppers  when our various favorites got their kiss. 
We waved little Union Jacks when the Prime Minister
made us proud to be British.

A purple devil emoticon appeared to remind us to 
boo Mia, who suffered additional insults.
The interactions with the movie allowed us all to break many Alamo Drafthouse rules.  Because they serve beer and wine with the food, controlling the audience requires draconian enforcement of No Talking During the Movie.  Also, if your cell phone goes off, you are out the door without a refund.  That well-known stricture allowed us to yell to Sarah to shut off her phone.

Everyone likes going to the movies.  Star Wars, Star Trek, Tolkein, Die Hard, two remakes of Pride and Prejudice, they were all fine for what they were. The Love Actually quote-along was our best theater experience. 

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