Sunday, December 14, 2014

Awesome Austin Foods at the Wheatsville Co-op

Handcrafted food delivers more than the ingredients.  The ineffable qualities of passion, care, intensity, and self-actualization are the charms that release satisfactions beyond mere flavors.

Robert brews a cup of Third Coast Coffee
“Our shop is tucked away in the Tejas Business Park on S Congress Avenue, a half mile south of Hwy 71. We invite people to come try coffees, tour the shop, and buy some beans for home use. While we’re not a coffee shop, we’ve always got coffee brewed for tasting. We’ve also always got a selection of coffee roasted for pickup, or if you know exactly what you’d like, you can call ahead to request it. We’ll roast it on our next shift and set it aside for you.”  

Third Coast offers a dozen roasts and blends including the Kerbey Lane House Blend popular with Austinites at all five restaurant locations. 

Austin Gelato Company is owned and operated by partners and proud Texans Alan Gwinner and Stephanie Ray. Refugees from the corporate world, they learned the art of making genuine Italian gelato from a genuine Italian gelato master, Stefano Tarquinio of Rome’s renowned Al Settimo Gelo gelateria. Alan and Stephanie handcraft their gelato and sorbetto treats the authentic Italian way, with no shortcuts, mixes, additives or anything that’s just plain unnatural.”

“We never use pre-made mixes, additives or artificial flavors and we locally source whenever possible. For example, our low-temperature pasteurized, non-homogenized milk comes from a family-owned dairy just up the road (I-35, to be exact). The hard-working bees of Austin's own Good Flow produce our wildflower honey. Our organic, fair trade-certified sugar comes from Wholesome Sweeteners, headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas. Our pecans are from Swift River Pecans, on the banks of the San Marcos River. And the coffee in our Espress-Oh! is freshly roasted by our friends at Kuxtal Coffee and Tea, in the Hill Country west of Austin.”

Erin is half the team at Yellowbird. They make Habenero (regular and hot), Serrano, and JalapeƱo versions.  

They win awards. The Austin Chronicle granted them a “Special Variety” honor in 2013. On October 14 of this year, Yahoo’s Dan Gentile called them one of the sauces “that could dethrone Sriracha.” 

In addition to Wheatsville, they garnered placement at Royal Blue, an upscale convenience store with several locations in downtown Austin.  They also wholesale to consumers.  

SRSLY (Seriously) Chocolate is available in several flavors.
At SRSLY chocolate, We start with dried, fermented cacao beans from the Conacado cooperative in the Dominican Republic.. …  After harvest, the cacao pods are fermented. This crucial step begins to develop the chemical compounds that we perceive as chocolate flavor. …  Upon arrival, the beans are inspected and graded before roasting. Roasting is a crucial step in cacao's journey to chocolate. A "low and slow" approach is taken by us to properly tease out the bean's flavor.

Available in Austin, Dallas, and San Marcos,
and now in Tallahassee
at Bread & Roses and New Leaf co-operatives.

They are happy to fill wholesale orders by mail

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