Sunday, October 11, 2015

InnoTech 2015

On Thursday, October 8, I spent the morning at the 13th annual InnoTech computer security conference. Seventy-nine vendors filled the floor. I only had time to meet a fraction of them. My tour was facilitated by a "passport" sheet that listed ten sponsors. Track them down, get them to sign their square, and drop the completed form in a box for a drawing.  It was "must be present to win" but I did not stay for that. I met some friends, colleagues from OWASP, and recruiters who sponsor our happy hours.

"Technology Navigators is a technical staffing firm,
specialized in recruiting skilled individuals
for project-oriented consulting and contract positions.
We’ve been firmly rooted in the Austin technology community since 1999,
and have been providing companies that
develop, build, and use technology
with the people they need to grow their business for over 15 years."
"Knight Security Systems has built its reputation over three decades
as one of the country’s leading providers of security system solutions.
With over 4,000 systems since 1983, Knight Security Systems has assisted
our customers in reducing internal and external, loss, legal liability,
employee liability, increasing productivity, safety compliance,
customer satisfaction and bottom line profits."
"Headspring is much more than a provider of
enterprise software strategy and development ...
We are motivated by our daily opportunity
to create a real impact in the world,
and to enable our employees, our clients
and our community
to achieve beyond their perceived potential."
"Bridgepoint Consulting provides
management consulting services
that help organizations optimize financial operations
and information technology
while mitigating organizational risks.
Whether a company needs assistance with strategy,
process improvement,
technology or regulatory compliance—
or simply has resource gaps,
our team of professionals deliver measurable results."
"By partnering with our customers,
Future Com []
can give them a competitive advantage
in terms of everything from implementation times
and resources required during deployments
to lowering the total cost of ownership
of technology and solutions as a whole."
PC Magazine Best Antivirus Software 2015.
Available for Macintosh.
Enterprise solutions also available.
"Bitdefender protects its users’ privacy,
as well as the as their devices.
Our award-winning security technologies protect against
all cyber-threats today,
from annoying adware
to dangerous malware
that infiltrates to steal data, intercept online payments,
spy, or hold your information for ransom."
"M-Files is document management the way it should be:
simple to install and learn, reliable, powerful and secure –
without breaking your budget.
Improve workflow, increase information reuse, eliminate redundancy,
securely control content, and avoid conflicts and data loss –
all in a single document management solution
that integrates with Windows Explorer."

"Everything transacts on the wire: 
from raw packets to the payloads of all application transactions. 
Wire data is a deep and rich source that contains 
every conversation occurring on the network. 
Wire data provides an objective, "outside-looking-in" view 
across the entire application delivery chain. 
It serves as the most unbiased source of truth about 
the performance, effectiveness, and security 
of enterprise IT environments." -- Extrahop Networks
"For thirty years,
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers
has provided practical and innovative
corporate training solutions
to help organizations overcome operational challenges
and take advantage of emerging opportunities."
"Advanced communications and cloud solutions
from Time Warner Cable Business Class
can enable your Enterprise to be more successful
in today’s market. ... 
Time Warner Cable Business Class
delivers reliable and scalable voice and data solutions
over our advanced, fiber-rich IP network."
"...Veeam has pioneered a new market of Availability for the Modern Data Center
by helping organizations meet
recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™)
of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data,
through a fundamentally new kind of solution
that delivers high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance,
verified protection, leveraged data and complete visibility."
"Keep your home connected
with powerful High-Speed Internet, Digital TV, Phone Service.
Services designed for business ranging from
home/small offices up to 50 employees,
including Internet Solutions, Phone Services,
and 24/7 Technical Support.
Enterprise-class data, voice, network and cloud solutions
designed to meet the unique needs of your business."
Available on Slideshare

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