Friday, February 6, 2015

The Hat Creek Pickle Company

The Hat Creek Burger Company is a local chain of fast food restaurants.  One evening, I met one of the local coin club guys at Recycled Reads, the retail used book store of the Austin Public Library.  On our way to the coin club meeting we stopped at Hat Creek Burgers; and it was okay.  This afternoon, I met their latest venture, Hat Creek Pickles, at the Wheatsville Coop.  

Hat Creek Burger Co.,
5902 Bee Caves Road, West Lake Hills, Texas
After trying five kinds, I bought the Texas Sauerkraut.  Writing this, I am on my second serving.  It is spicy but balanced, crispy and crunchy.   It is two dollars a jar more expensive, but dollars being so small these days, the marginal value is easy to perceive.  Sauerkraut is high in vitamin C.  A day without sauerkraut is like a day without sunshine. 
Not Drew Gressett
• No artificial preservatives, calcium chloride, or other chemical firming agents added

• Free of sugar & corn syrup

• Supports immune system

• Probiotic and rich in enzymes

• Lactose & gluten free

• Increases the quantity, availability, digestibility and assimilation of nutrients in the body

(I note here that those claims are not substantiated by the Food and Drug Administration – as opposed to claims about Viagra and Ritalin, which are approved by the FDA.  You have to wonder what the dialog would be like if you could bring Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton forward to our time.)

"In addition to brewing and bottling beer, Drew Gressett, owner of Hat Creek Burger Co., plans to use Strangeland Brewery to ferment pickles for the newly formed Hat Creek Pickle Co.  “A pickle makes a hamburger,” Gressett said. “To take the time to make our own pickle is synonymous with the care all our food receives.” – Impact News (Austin Metro

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