Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Two Hot Mamas Salsa

New Mexico is the home of chili peppers. In both Las Cruces and Alburqueque, at Christmas time, people hang red and green chilis from their doors, the way people up north put up holly wreaths.  When we were newlyweds in Las Cruces, I learned that it is too easy to make salsa too hot for anyone to eat.  Chili peppers have subtle flavors that burst and blend if you treat them right. Two Hot Mamas of Austin understands that.
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Last Sunday, I met Johnna from Two Hot Mamas at the Wheatsville Co-op. I tried several and settled on the Mambo Combo Hot. It was perfect for my taste.


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Sunday at the Co-op
Awesome Austin Foods at the Wheatsville Co-op

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  1. This is one difference between Madison and our unofficial sister city of Austin. Spice is not popular in Madison. It's "meat, potato, and vegetable," all with no spices.


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