Monday, May 14, 2018

Physically Fit is Mentally Fit

"The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around." Widely attributed in several forms to Thomas Edison, I am not sure that he actually said it, though it does reflect his thinking. Regardless, I had always pretty much held the same attitude. Joining the Texas State Guard set some minimums for me, but they were not challenging. What did it for me was a reply from a friend: "How long will your body carry your brain around if you don't exercise?"

Recommended by the health and safety manager at my current job.
Not a push-up, you hold it for 30 seconds and rest for 15 seconds.
The number of repetitions is up to you.
When I was employed directly by the Texas Military Department's Domestic Operations task force, I worked with young junior officers. They were inspiring. Since then, I have slacked off. I try to do five mornings out of seven. I still write the numbers on my calendar. I note the measured degradation when I go too many days without push-ups, sit-ups, and aerobics with weights. It takes about half an hour all in all. I do it while brewing coffee and feeding the cat.

Texas State Guard Standards
I can beat 21 sit-ups any morning, usually going to 30. I was up to the high 40s, but lost interest. Push-ups are harder. I did 18 this morning. The USMC minimum for a man age 50 is 20 push-ups. I have done that, the last time in competition with an Air Component guy my age doing them one-handed. (For the two-minute test for the fitness ribbon, we can rest in a set position, but I do not do that. I just crank them out until I cannot do the next one.) My last timed mile was 11:03 and I was getting yelled at for walking between sprints. They don't ask much of us. Fortunately, we can still carry our brains around.

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