Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 National Coin Week Club Trivia Challenge

Better written than last year’s, this one still has some compelling ambiguities. The theme this year is "Conflict & Courage: Money & the Military." The Capital City Coin Club of Austin is primed and ready for the challenge. As we did last year, those who are interested have been working on their own. We will get together next Sunday for lunch to compare our answers and prepare our submission.

1.    What U.S. coin features a major general of a state militia who tried to get military help from France to form an independent republic called United Columbia?
2.   Name the famous militia veteran of the Black Hawk War and at least six U.S. coins on which he appears.
3.   A 1991 commemorative coin honors U.S. military involvement in Korea.  What anniversary does the coin commemorate, and why was this anniversary chosen?
4.   Which three service medals are featured on the reverse of the 1994 Veterans Memorial commemorative silver dollar?
5.    In 2002 Guernsey issued a one-pound silver coin featuring a famous military leader, and for what battle is he best remembered?
6.   England struck coinage made from gold and silver seized from Spain after an 18th-century naval battle.  What privy mark was added below the bust of Queen Anne on these coins?
7.   A famous American is featured on both sides of a coin issued in 2007. What is this person’s name, what heroic deed is depicted on the coin, and in what war did this deed occur?
8.   This coin design (pictured below) was issued by the Emperor Augustus to celebrate a diplomatic “victory” with the return of Roman standards captured by Parthia. During what battle did the Parthians take these symbols of Rome’s power?
Gorny & Mosch Giessener M├╝nzhandlung > Auction 244
9.   In the mid-4th century A.D. the Roman Empire issued a series of coinage with a common reverse legend, including a design featuring a Roman soldier spearing a barbarian fallen from his horse. What is this reverse legend?
10.         In 1915 a private Bavarian-made medal was used by Great Britain as a World War I propaganda piece. What artist produced this medal, what was the subject,  and what error did the original medal contain?
11.     In 1916 German forces in East Africa during World War I produced emergency money using artillery shells recovered from a scuttled German ship. Was the name of the ship?
12.         A Belgian euro coin issued in 2015 was the source of controversy in France. What is the coin’s denomination, and what made the issue controversial?
13.         In 2015 the Royal Australian Mint issued a four-coin set honoring a famous campaign in World War I. What campaign was honored, and what four countries’ efforts are commemorated?
14.         Military payment certificates were produced as a means of currency conversion control. Between what years were the certificates issued, and what was the name of the U.S. cabinet member who first called for their production?
15.     Some of the most famous siege coinage (pictured below) was produced during a pivotal conflict in English history. Name the conflict.
Baldwin's Auctions Ltd et al., > The New York Sale XL

Spink > Auction 16006



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