Saturday, September 6, 2014

Epic Meat Bars

These high protein paleo-diet meat bars were our salvation when flying as passengers.  Yes, I know the 20-gram soy protein "energy" bars. They have their limitations. If you can eat meat, these are an order of magnitude better.  The Native Americans called it "pemmican." You start with meat: turkey, buffalo, whatever.  You beat it with fruit and maybe something else and make it into a dried paste.  Yum. 

Merchandizer Robert from EPIC BAR.
Website here.
Austin, Texas, is home to technology, music, art, government, and food.  Once, I was working for the German firm Carl Zeiss, and one of our engineers had to go to Chicago to meet a customer.  "Does anyone know anyplace good to eat in Chicago?" he asked the room. We broke up laughing!  "Dude, if you cannot find someplace good to eat, you let us know!"  But, Austin has Chicago beat.  Period.  

Epic Bars come in bison, turkey, lamb, and beef.  We ran into their merchandisers at Whole Foods and bought a dozen assorted bars for our trip.  After we returned, I met their merchandiser, Robert, at the Wheatsville Co-op where we are members.


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