Saturday, September 6, 2014

Drippin' Sauce

Bill Hallett and I attended
rival high schools,
validating the small universe.
Dripping Springs is about 20 miles west of Austin. This is where Bill Hallett makes his four flavors of gourmet Drippin' Sauce ketchup.  He was demoing his products at Whole Foods on William Cannon (Arbor Trails) when we stopped in to buy dinner on our way home from work.  We started with the sweet onion and then had the special reserve. We bought a bottle of that.
Sweet Onion, Mild Chipotle,
Hot Chipotle, and Special Reserve
Bill said that he starts with yellow onions. They are sauteed in just enough oil to turn them white and remove the moisture.  Then he adds the herbs and spices. For the ketchup, he uses only canned whole peeled tomatoes.  "You can get them year around," he said. "And they are cooked, not salted, so there's only 1% of the RDA of sodium in our ketchup."  Whole ground dried peppers, apple cider vinegar, some molasses, and a bit of brown sugar complete the ingredients.  The proportions are secret, of course.  Typically, his batches are ten gallons.  "Then you cook it for a l-o-n-g time, " said.  This is obviously a labor of love.  Bill spent some time in information systems after completing a degree in mathematics.  

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