Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Republicans for Voldemort

The bumpersticker is amusing, certainly. It does beg investigation into the epistemology of the message.  I accept that on the surface it is meant to imply that Republicans are for Voldemort, i.e., that Republicans inherently and implicitly support the dark lord.  However, in point of fact, such a claim would be unnecessary, as for instance, "Republicans for Bush" or "Republicans for Palin."  Logic demands that we accept Voldemort as a Democrat and allow that some Republicans favor his reign. I first met this entendre in 1968, in Charleston, South Carolina.  Enrolled at the College of Charleston, and a member of College Democrats, I met adults who told me that they were not racists; and eschewing the Democratic party, they had previously formed "Democrats for Eisenhower."  Thus, "Republicans for Voldemort" must mean that the prince of evil is a Democrat.  I can accept that. 

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  1. The basis behind the sticker goes way back to a webcomic by Jon Rosenberg called multiverse. There was one character who hated his job. A friend asks him to go out and he declines stating he is actually enjoying the campaign he is working on in California. The friend asks which campaign and he says Republicans for Voldemort. It's great to see a candidate who doesn't hide what he stands for. It's so old that actually finding the actual strip is difficult.


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