Monday, July 24, 2017

200,000 Pageviews

On or about July 17, 2017, this blog tallied its 200,000th page view. Launched on 2 January 2011, about 100 people per day read the posts, often as a result of Internet searches for topical information. Everyone can be a publisher, and perhaps too many people are. But I believe that we are experiencing a renaissance, a silver age, if not a golden age, in which the sharing of information – facts and opinions alike — creates a flourishing. Our lives are better.

In a previous post, I wrote about Jerry Emanuelson’s algebraic proof of Ricardo’s Law of Comparative Advantage. Emanuelson has other interests. He previously created and marketed a high school level kit for experimenting with superconductors. The Internet gave him an easy and extensive exposure.

Science hobbyists of our generation knew well the Edmund Scientific Catalog. Edmund also wrote about the scientific method. He taught it as a 14-step engagement in discovery. Norman W. Edmund lived long enough (1916-2012) to bring his work to the Internet (see here ). It proved much more efficient than the U.S. Post Office.

The most popular articles from this blog so far are:
What (if anything) did Dorothy Learn? (4626)
Contradictions in the Constitution (2400)
Alongside Night to Run in Austin (1799)
Bob Swanson and Genentech (713)
William Sheldon: Psychologist, Numismatist, Thief (655)
Debt: the Seed of Civilization (556)
Crimes Against Logic: Exposing Bogus Arguments (409)
There is no John Galt and that’s Worse (356)
Supplies and Demands (340)
Romantic Realism (339)

Those numbers come from the Stats under the All time button on my control panel. However, I also have other numbers under View Count in the Posts:

Forgery and Fraud in Numismatics 1187
Debt: the Seed of Civilization 1183
Harriman’s Logical Leap Almost Makes it 884
(see, also, David Harriman’s Logical Leap 408)
Junk Criminology as Pseudo-Science 877
Nerd Nation: Natalie Portman, Danika McKeller, and Felicia Day 831
Unlimited Constitutional Government 797
ELI the ICE Man: Science and Technology 788
Hacking Computer Security: BSides Austin 2013 747
Art & Copy 729
Megacities 726
… that goddam Ayn Rand book 717
To Make Money 658
The Problem of Induction: Karl Popper and His Enemies 643
Employee Theft 639
The Fallibility of Fingerprinting 634
Sándor Kőrösi Csoma 626
Murray Rothbard: Fraud or Faker? 592
Shifting the Paradigm of Private Security 569
Venture Capital 566
Where All Children are Above Average 556
Karl Marx and the Dustbin of History 553
Gregory M. Browne’s Necessary Factual Truths 529
Republicans for Voldemort 528
Ayn Rand versus Conservatives 527
Firefly: Fact and Value Aboard “Serenity” 517
De Magnete by William Gilbert 466
George Boole’s Laws of Thought 459
Money as Press and Speech 439
Money as Living History 433
Against Gulching 396
Ma Kiley: Railroad Telegrapher 367
Short Snorters 354
The Virtues of Aviation Culture 339
A Successful Imitation of Alan Turing 335

The search terms that bring people here include Çatal Hüyük, (catal huyuk), supply and demand, supply and demand curve, contradictions in the Constitution, Merry Newtomas, and Employee Theft Facts. Although I write about Newtonmas every year, none of them makes the top of the lists.

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