Monday, June 16, 2014

Jaime's Salsa of Austin

About a thousand years ago, when we were living in Las Cruces, I learned that it is easy to make salsa that no one can eat.  The co-worker who gave me the instructions told me that her husband and his friends just burn out their mouths and wash it away with cold beer.  "You can do better than that," she said.  

I got pretty good at it, but opening a screw top jar is easier.    

While New Mexico's jalapeƱos are always the best first ingredient, I hesitate to start a range war over the claim. When you make it one-up each time, it comes out different; and that can be all right.  But if you want consistent, predictable salsa, you need a reliable commercial provider.  

Jaime's is local to Austin.  Their Spanish Village Restaurant was a favorite for 80 years. Their current products are at Whole Foods in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.  Locally, they are on the shelf at our member-owned Wheatsville Co-op.

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