Saturday, March 29, 2014

Central Texas Bee Rescue

Crayons made from
natural bees' wax
Forty years ago, we were warned about African bees and Brazilian bees - and about global cooling.  Now, bees are endangered.  Human culpability seems ruled out, but the fact remains that even in the natural order of things, the bees we need are in trouble. And we can help them to our own benefit.

We can find and relocate bees to nurture them for the betterment of our food crops.  Apiaries can be urban. Even Manhattan NYC has them. And the honey sells well.  We bought some from the Austin Honey Bee Protection Agency (website here) when we met a representative of the Central Texas Bee Rescue at our local food co-operative.

You can find many ways to help, to get involved, or stay uninvolved while pitching in.
"Central Texas Bee Rescue and Preserve is dedicated to saving and protecting the future of our nation's bee population. We want to become the extermination alternative. We feed, house, and continue to nurture the bees at our sanctuary. We have harvesting projects for soap, candle, and lip balm production as well as honey and bee pollen. Through our umbrella organization, the American Honey Bee Protection Agency, we work to educate the community, fight the use of pesticides in our community, and maintain the ecological health of the central Texas region." --

This is certainly not only local to Austin, Texas.  If you do nothing else, buy yourself some local honey and enjoy it.

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