Saturday, March 17, 2012

South by Southwest 2012

Working as a security guard at 6th and Congress, 
SXSW came to me.

Dee Hemingway in Starlet by Sean Baker

Violin Monster played in the afternoons

A bit less crowded during the day ...

We all waited for the buses at night
Balafonist Abousylla's guitar accompaniest is off camera to the left

Other "Monsters" came out at night.
I got a free t-shirt from ("listen forever").  I did not get any of the very many apps being given or sold, such as Stage Page.  The cute couple from City Maps were outshone by their own glowing sign. 
Protest marches (and celebration marches) drew police escorts. 
The first days were rainy.  The last days were cloudy.
I started the week without coffee as my usual stop - The Hideout- was by SXSW Badge only through Wednesday, so I went to Frank where they do not merely brew coffee, they transubstantiate it. 
Royal Blue Grocery was sold out of gum, a minor inconvenience in exchange for the additional tourism come to town as I met people from Philadelphia and Seattle.


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