Monday, June 27, 2016

Sweet Deal: Epic Honey

The Central Texas Bee Rescue was at the Wheatsville Co-op on Sunday, June 19. I sampled the wild honey and the raw honey and chose the latter. 

Wild honey comes from feral bees. When the bees are in danger from construction or are a bother to homeowners, the Central Texas Bee Rescue relocates them. In their new home, the bees continue to do their work, making raw honey. While wild honey has a lot to commend it, I found the raw honey to be full of overtones. We were almost out; so, I bought a jar.
Almost gone (left) and new jar of Raw.
Since 2012, we have provided beekeeping courses to children ranging in age from elementary school to high school. Currently, we have hives at Lanier High School, Austin Achieve Public School, and the Austin Montessori School.”  --

“In the state of Texas, if a homeowner possesses 5 acres or more of property, with at least 6 beehives on the property, the resident can become eligible to have up to 20 acres tax exempt. This exemption can save thousands of dollars per year.” --


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