Friday, October 10, 2014


Like so many others reviewed here, I met Chryslin from Hot Dang at the Wheatsville Co-op.  Her vegie-burger mix was interesting. 

"Hot Dang's"  Marketeer Chryslin on the job
demoing product at Wheatsville Co-op
"Hi there, I’m here to tell you how this all started so pull up a chair and get comfy!
During a brief stint in the restaurant business I fell in love with all things culinary and found my life’s work: to empower people with food. I enrolled in a culinary program, jumped in with both feet and soon found my relationship with food shifting. As I moved from carefree consumer to thoughtful creator, I realized the importance of good, clean food.

            One day my sweetheart threw out a challenge: “do you think you could cook all of our food from locally-sourced ingredients for an entire year?” Never one to turn down a challenge, I embarked on a year of restaurant-free eating, and our house became a little hub of social activity. Our friends came over, and I fed us. The most frequently requested item was a mighty little grain burger that I threw together on a day I didn’t feel like going to the farmers’ market (again). Our friends couldn’t get enough, proving good, healthy food can taste great – Hot Dang! Three months into the challenge I decided to appease my friends and start selling this patty of goodness.
No soy!
(Austin's local salsas bring it to life.)
            On April Fool’s Day 2011 Hot Dang was born, and a few short months later we were selling burgers in all of our favorite Austin grocery stores. The formula is simple, and we’re sticking to it. Start with real ingredients you can find in your kitchen, make sure the food tastes great and find opportunities to help people along the way. It’s only the beginning so grab some burgers and stay tuned… -- Martha Pincoffs, The OG (Original Grainster). Nominally "Born in ATX," they are headquartered in Minneapolis.  


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